Every tire is manufactured by fine workmanship. Every tire is devoted to the brand's intentions and efforts. Every tire is expected to bring you a different driving experience.


Silence and Comfort

Accurate Handling

Excellency in both dry and wet ground


SPORT tires

  • Silence and Comfort

    Noise effectively reduced by optimization of circumferential layout design of multi-pitch pattern blocks by computer. 

  • Accurate Handling

    Asymmetric pattern parts on the inside and outside ensure drainage while the outside wide pattern part increase landing pressure during turning, bringing excellent over-bending performance. 

    The central pattern rib is continuous throughout the whole cycle, ensuring the sensitive and stable handling performance of the tire at high speed in straight line. 

  • Excellency in both dry and wet ground

    Four wide drainage longitudinal grooves, can timely remove water under wetland conditions, to prevent water slippage; 

    Small ditches cooperate with transverse grooves effectively cut water film and improve wetland performance. 

    Unique tread formula design ensures excellent dry wetland operation performance. 

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

185/55R1683487V6J194610300380 A A
195/55R1687545V6J201620300380 A A
205/55R1691615V/W6 1/2J214632300380 A A
205/55R1694 XL670W6 1/2J214632340380 A A
205/60R1692630H6J209652300380 A A
205/65R1695690H6J209672300380 A A
215/60R1695690H6 1/2J221664300380 A A
215/55R1697 XL730W7J226642340380 A A
225/60R1698750V6 1/2J228676300380 A A
205/40R1784 XL500W7 1/2J212596340380 A A
205/45R1788 XL560W7J206616340380 A A
205/50R1793 XL650W6 1/2J214638340380 A A
215/45R1791 XL615W7J213626340380 A A
215/55R1798 XL750W7J226668340380 A A
215/50R1795 XL690W7J226648340380 A A
225/45R1794 XL670W7 1/2J225634340380 A A
225/50R1798 XL750W7J233658340380 A A
225/55R17101 XL750W7J233680340380 A A
235/45R1797 XL730W8J236644340380 A A
225/40R1892 XL630W8J230637340380 A A
235/40R1895 XL690W8 1/2J241645340380 A A
245/45R18100 XL800W8J243677340380 A A
225/35R2093 XL600W8J230666340380 A A
245/35R2095 XL690W8 1/2J248680340380 A A
245/45R20103XL875W8J243728340380 A A
275/40R20106 XL950W9 1/2J278728340380 A A
195/45R1684 XL500V6 1/2J195582340380 A A
205/45R1687 XL545W7J206590340380 A A
235/60R16100800H7J240688300380 A A
215/40R1889 XL580W7 1/2J218629340380 A A
235/45R1898 XL750W8J236669340380 A A
245/40R1897 XL730W8 1/2J248653340380 A A
225/35R1988 XL560W8J230641340380 A A
235/35R1991 XL615W8 1/2J241647340380 A A
245/40R1998 XL750W8 1/2J248679340380 A A


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