Every tire is manufactured by fine workmanship. Every tire is devoted to the brand's intentions and efforts. Every tire is expected to bring you a different driving experience.


Comfort and silence

Accurate handling

Dry and wet ground safety


HT SUV tires

  • Comfort and silence

    Optimized variable pitch combination design can effectively reduce noise and bring more quiet driving experience. 

  • Accurate handling

    Structural reinforcement of pattern groove bottom can effectively improve control stability. 

    Variable 3D pattern groove design provides comfortable and smooth driving experience. 

  • Dry and wet ground safety

    High density slot design provides shorter dry wetland braking distance. 

    Special designed wear-resistant tread formula is more wear-resistant, while providing excellent dry wetland braking performance, more safe and secure driving. 

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

235/75R15109 XL1030T6 1/2J235733340420 A A
215/65R1698750H6 1/2J221686300420 A A
215/70R16100800H6 1/2J221708300420 A A
245/70R16111 XL1090T7J248750340420 A A
215/60R1796710H6 1/2J221690300420 A A
225/65R17102850T6 1/2J228724300420 A A
225/60R1799775H6 1/2J228702300420 A A
265/70R171151215T8J272804300420 A A
235/55R18104 XL900V7 1/2J245715340420 A A
235/60R18107 XL975V7J240739340420 A A
265/60R181101060H8J272775300420 A A
275/60R201151215T8J279838300420 A A
275/55R20117 XL1285H8 1/2J284810340420 A A


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