Every tire is manufactured by fine workmanship. Every tire is devoted to the brand's intentions and efforts. Every tire is expected to bring you a different driving experience.


Variable pitch pattern

Strong grip power

Wear-resistant formula

Thick & sharp shoulder

Reinforced tire structure

Simulation optimized pattern


AT SUV tires

  • Variable pitch pattern

    Variable pitch optimization combination is optimized by computer simulation to reduce tire noise at high speed. 

  • Strong grip power

    The design of zigzag pattern ditch adapts to various harsh road conditions. 

    Continuous design of inclined transverse grooves can effectively remove accumulated water on wetland pavement and provide sustained and stable grip. 

  • Wear-resistant formula

    The new wear-resistant formula can be suitable for some more harsh pavement, and the long driving mileage ensures the tire life. 

  • Thick & sharp shoulder

    Tortuous shoulder design provides additional grip, even in muddy pavement still provides strong traction capacity; 

    Thick three-dimensional sidewall protection structure strengthens cutting resistance and protects sidewall against impact. 

  • Reinforced tire structure

    The reinforced tire structure and multi-layer matrix material work together to improve the tire strength and passing performance through computer simulation optimization. 

  • Simulation optimized pattern

    The strength of each pattern block is optimized by computer simulation. 

    Each pattern block is solid and powerful, which can cope with various harsh environments and ensure the traction ability of tires. 

Performance Mesh Chart

Mesh chart is convenient for intuitive viewing of product performance.

235/70R16106950T7J240736300560 A A
265/70R161121120T8J272778300560 A A
275/70R161141180S8J279792300560 A A
265/65R171121120S8J272776300560 A A
275/65R171151215S8J279790300560 A A
285/65R171161250S8 1/2J292802300560 A A
255/50R18106 XL950H8J265713340560 A A
265/40R18101 XL825H9 1/2J271669340560 A A


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