· Comfortable and Low-Noise

· Economical and Durable

· Stable Control Performance

Key features
New economy tire enabling lower fuel consumption and better driving experience.
Radzzling GP9 is a newly designed low fuel consumption economy tire, which adopts the new wear-resistant formula to extend its service life, meanwhile the computer-based technology is utilized to effectively reduce fuel consumption and tire noise, thereby providing a safer, quieter and more comfortable ride.
Low-noise tire
It is suitable for more tire blocks of different sizes, and the large tread of the shoulder rib is divided into two blocks, which are optimized by computer simulation, so that the sound energy tends to be evenly distributed over a wide range of frequencies and avoids the phenomenon of energy concentration in the frequency band easily perceived by human ears.
Wear-resistant low rolling resistance tread formula
has effectively improve the mileage and service life of tires and the ground rolling resistance, thereby delivering more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly performance.


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