CHP5 SUV PCR Products


· Comfortable and Low Noise

· Precise Control

· Safe Performance in Dry and Wet Conditions

Key features
A high-performance tire for urban SUVs.
Rrushing CHP5 adopts an advanced silicone-containing formula to increase the confidence in wet road conditions. The optimized tire structure via simulation can reduce the tire noise and provide superior driving performance on both wet and dry roads.
High density cutter groove design.
Increase the occlusal edge of the tread to improve braking and wet road safety performances. The cutting pattern can prevent the curling effect of tread blocks when braking and increases the ground contact area.
Tread pattern groove cutting.
The combination of four longitudinal grooves and many small grooves can effectively improve the drainage efficiency and reduce the tread floating effect, so as to make the tread enjoy closer contact with the wet road in rainy days.


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