CHT5 SUV PCR Products


· Control at Will

· Durable and Wear-Resistant

· Safe Performance in Dry and Wet Conditions

Key features
Excellent control, durability and drainage performances, and excellent passage capacity under comprehensive road conditions.
Rrushing CHT5 adopts the new generation of wear-resistant formula to improve its service life. The solid tire structure can provide stable control performance, and the curved tread grooves can enhance drainage performance and enable the excellent passage capacity under comprehensive road conditions.
Widened tread block design.
The design of widened shoulder tread reinforcing rib, after the optimization by tread pattern rigidity analysis through computer simulation, enables the tire to grip the ground wider, keeping the tire less deformed and improving the steering stability.
Wide and streamlined tread grooves.
They can quickly reduce water pressure, improve drainage performance and reduce skidding. Simulation analysis is utilized to optimize the traction performance of the tread pattern in dry and wet conditions, thereby ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.


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