GA5 UHP PCR Products


· Comfortable and Low-Noise

· Sensitive Control

· Excellent in Both Wet and Dry Conditions

Key features
Low-noise, comfortable, excellent control and stability.
Rking GA5 combines the excellent performances in low noise, comfort, control and stability. The tread adopts an advanced silica formula system and rubber refining process to improve the tire's grip performance in dry and wet conditions. The optimized circumferential layout of the multi-pitch tread blocks can effectively reduce the driving noise.
Simulation optimized tread pattern.
The optimization of the tire's ground contact via simulation can ensure responsive and stable control performance; the computer simulation optimization improves the strength of each tread block, resulting in excellent tire control performance.
Asymmetric tread pattern.
The coordinated design of different tread patterns on the tire inside and outside ensures the drainage performance while increasing the landing pressure on the outside tread pattern during cornering, resulting in excellent cornering performance.


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