5X Strategy 5X Strategy
In response to the business environment changes and the development opportunities of the global tire industry, GS officially released its 5X Strategic Plan. Through strategic planning by top management, GS has accumulated more power in terms of factory construction, brand building, channel expansion, R&D innovation, and production capacity to accelerate enterprise development.

Embrace Internationalization:
5 Global Production Bases

Building global production bases is an integral part of GS's strategy. In recent years, GS has continuously accelerated the pace of "Going Abroad" and achieved remarkable results. For example, GS's first overseas factory in Thailand has reached the strategic goal of "being serviceable and profitable in the same year," which has laid a solid foundation for continuous growth.

Driven by Innovation: 5 R&D Centers

Facing the ever-changing market, under the guidance of the innovation-driven strategy, GS will continue to increase investment in research and development. Further, the brand will hire global cutting-edge R&D teams, establish and improve the PLM product life cycle R&D management platform, accelerate the upgrade of technological innovation, and deepen GS-university strategic cooperation. Finally, GS will promote the R&D of cutting-edge technologies such as green energy-saving and intelligent innovation and focus on developing and applying new materials and advanced technology.
In terms of product upgrades, GS will focus on consumption upgrades, maintain a leading position in R&D and innovation, continuously innovate and upgrade products and technologies, and develop more market-competitive tire products. Further, the brand will create best-selling products to provide consumers with a safer and more comfortable travel experience.

Own Brands: 5,000 Core Brand Stores

The competition in the tire market will eventually fall to the brand competition. With more substantial brand power, the market will be broader. GS owns many well-known brands such as "Celimo, CTM, QIMA, TONGYUN, TBBTIRES, HM," etc.
Based on the continuous development of "Image Stores and Signature Stores," GS will deepen its global distribution and build 5,000 core brand stores. Further, it will conduct precise brand communication, strengthen brand building and influence, and comprehensively improve consumer experience and service efficiency. At the same time, it adopts O2O, the new retailing model that combines online and offline to increase its market share continuously.

Marketing Empowerment:
500 Strategic Channel Partners

Striving to build a first-class marketing system, GS will continue to select 500 strategic channel partners at home and abroad, promote profit-sharing plans, increase the investment in customer development, and build model markets. Additionally, GS will work with partners to further develop the global tire market, strengthen the marketing network, and empower dealers and retailers to achieve high-quality development.

High-End Manufacturing:
50 Million Tires Production Capacity

With the continuous improvement of global market demand, GS will further strengthen its production capacity. Grasping the new strategic opportunity of national intelligent manufacturing, through the "industrial brain + GS cloud + smart logistics" and the achievement of whole process automation and informatization, GS continues to promote lean production. Further, GS empowers high-end manufacturing with added value, transforming into an intelligent, green, high-end company.
The next ten years will be a decade of coexistence of opportunities and challenges. The release of the 5X Strategic Plan is an urgent need for GS to respond to the enormous challenges of the tire industry reform. It is also an inevitable choice for GS's sustainable development in the future. GS will implement the new mission of "We Do Every Tire Premium" to meet the ever-escalating needs of users, devote itself to building an internationally influential tire enterprise, and lead China's tire industry to keep going positive and upward!

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